Online Bingo

Bingo is a classic game of chance that was invented in 1929 and has been enjoyed as a social game ever since. The traditional, five by five version has been enjoyed by people of all shapes and sizes for many years and continues to be very popular today. While the internet has not been around quite that long it has been a much bigger hit with society and has changed the way that people live. It is perhaps fitting that the internet has also changed the way we play bingo. Online bingo has taken the classic game and taken it to new places, creating an entire generation of new bingo players who love the game. While it has remained true to the spirit of the original game, online bingo has also taken the game to completely new, previously unforeseen heights.

Online bingo sites offer the classic game as well as many modern twists. Online bingo moves faster than live bingo does and, thankfully, the computer can do all the daubing for you if you are having trouble keeping up. This can allow users to play more cards at once and thus have a greater chance at success. Online bingo sites are a great way to have some fun on the internet.

Online Bingo Games

There are many different variations of bingo available for users to play online. There is the traditional version with 75-balls that is preferred by many, but there is also a 30-ball and 90-ball version. The 30-ball games go much faster and are often done using a 3x3 card. Users can choose to play any version of bingo they like at an online bingo site as it is all about preference. Online bingo sites give users a variety of games to play on a constantly rotating basis. Classic bingo lines, cover alls, windows and many other winning combinations are given to users. Players can play multiple cards at once without worrying about daubing the cards as the software will do that for you although some sites offer the option for you to do it yourself if you prefer. Thanks to the automatic daubing feature, players can also play more than one game at time in separate windows.

Real Money Bingo

Signing up at an online bingo site is very easy and only takes a few minutes. Users just need to enter some basic personal information and then make a deposit through a credit card or payment processing service and they are free to play real money bingo instantly. Many sites offer daily freerolls with real money prizes or players can buy cards as low as $0.25 per card. The more players online playing the higher the pots get to so even though cards may only cost twenty five cents, the prizes may be in the thousands.
Most sites also have progressive jackpots that work similar to the progressive slots found in slots. There is a jackpot that grows with every game that plays. In slots a player would hit the progressive jackpot by getting the perfect line on their spin and bingo works very similar to that. Players are trying to get the perfect line in bingo by having every ball that is drawn be a part of their winning line. So if the first five balls drawn equal a straight line bingo, that player hits the progressive jackpot. Progressive jackpots normally start in the thousands, but can range up to levels that could potentially be life changing for the winner.

How To Find A Safe Bingo Site

There are a lot of bingo sites on the web and it’s important to find one that you can feel safe putting your hard earned money into. When searching for a safe bingo site you should always consider the following:

  • License and credibility: Make sure that your bingo site is licensed by a gaming agency in the region in which it is based. It should also be audited by a third party to ensure safety and quality.
  • Professional software: Your bingo sites software should be professionally designed and tested for fairness.
  • Security and Customer Service: The most important thing when playing bingo online is to feel safe and secure. Quality customer service is key as a company with strong, 24/7 customer service can be trusted.
  • Secure banking transactions: Sites that offer the internet’s top payment processors for deposits and withdrawals can be expected to be of the highest level of security.

All of the websites we recommend have been tested by us to ensure quality service and safety. We’ve found these bingo sites to be very reliable and secure, and play at them ourselves.
There are many online bingo sites that are open to US players as well. While online poker and sports betting have drawn the ire of the US government in the past, bingo has remained relatively unscathed. This is probably due to bingo’s standing as more of a social game in the eyes of the public.

Mobile Bingo Sites

Many online bingo sites have created mobile enhanced version of their platforms that allow users to play directly from their smartphones or tablet devices. Users can experience the joy of online bingo directly from their iPhone, iPad, Android or Blackberry device. As long as they are connected to a Wi-Fi or 3G network they can play bingo at any time and from any place directly from their mobile device.

Why Online Bingo?

Bingo is a fun, exciting and social game that has been entertaining players for years. Its entry into the online marketplace has been very successful and it is enjoyed by users from all over the world. With ongoing updates to the software and the recent entry into mobile gaming market, online bingo should continue to be a fun way to spend some time online. Sites have proven themselves to be safe and secure and many offer bonuses just for signing up with a real money account so there is very little reason not to give online bingo a shot.